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Get-AdfsCertificate and taken the thumbprint of the new certificate and executed the command Set-AdfsSslCertificate -Thumbprint “SSL Certificate thumbprint” and restarted the ADFS Service and f ound it is working as expected.. When importing certificate using Exchange Management Console (EMC) for POP3 protocol, run EMC on the server you import certificate to.  Otherwise it may lead to POP3 protocol not working properly using SSL (port 995) on remote Exchange server. You should also be sure there are no hidden Unicode characters within the thumbprint value. That can happen if you copy and paste the value from the certificate. The best way to be sure is to type in the thumbprint manually, but you can also paste it into Notepad and then save the file as ANSI to clear them out that way. Ben

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If not, install certificate from file. Now, I already have the thumbprints for the particular certificates I'm looking for and can do the compare using a file of Using the list of (already known) thumbprints is no problem for the compare. I was wondering if there was a way to use Powershell to pull the...

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Net-ACME2-0.32/000755 000771 000024 00000000000 13531037367 013365 5ustar00felipestaff000000 000000 Net-ACME2-0.32/eval_bug.readme000644 000771 000024 00000000401 ... Information in this article helps you to query a certificates expiry date, issued date, subject, issuer and other details remotely using PowerShell. Another good thing is, you don't need admin rights to do that. There are cases where you want to continuously monitor validity of a certificate remotely.Mar 25, 2019 · Put the common name FQDN server, save file as .csr. Go to your certificate authority and share with them this request to give you the certificate. Once you get the certificates then go back to IIS then from action pane select complete certificate request to import certificates.

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Jul 12, 2020 · Create a Self-Signed Certificate for IIS with Powershell. This post will describe how to create a self-signed certificate to be used for a local website hosted in IIS. It is assumed you are running Windows 10 with Administrator privileges and have .NET Framework installed. Importing PFX SSL certificate to IIS with PowerShell script. Since Google announced HTTPS as ranking signal most of the websites now days are switching to secured communication via SSL certificates. Even I switched my website to HTTPS secured connection to follow up with this new trend.